What’s New in MultiTrans Prism 5.6 (June 2013)

MultiCorpora’s innovative solution components, used worldwide by project managers, translators, and terminologists to efficiently accomplish their daily tasks, are housed under one intuitive user interface and unified by a common, browser-like, look-and feel.

MultiTrans Prism 5.6 includes over 100 new features that significantly improve usability and increase security with more controls over the entire translation supply chain. With a safe gateway that makes multilingual content more accessible while empowering customers with a greater range of compliance features for security requirements, this version sets the bar for enterprise-class translation management systems. As with every release, keen attention has also been paid to customer wishes learned through interaction with users during regular surveys and customer user groups, through feedback coming from technical support, and from feature requests derived from proposal opportunities.

The following is a list of just some of the benefits provided by MultiTrans Prism:

Comprehensive Audit trails (Available in MultiTrans Prism Enterprise Server)

See who accessed a document and who did what, for full transparency! All MultiTrans Prism Enterprise customers gain the ability to generate audit logs with detailed descriptions on when and who uploaded what documents, who edited them or who made changes to any task within a project. Such audit trails offer another layer of accountability and protection by helping you identify the source of a problem and take corrective measures to address.

multiprism 56-2

Track Changes (Available in XLIFF Editor & Web Editor)


multiprism 56-4

  • Track changes and view previous versions/edits
  • Revert to previous segment versions
  • Compare entire documents to previous versions
  • Integrated with XLIFF Review in MS Word

XLIFF Review in MS Word (Available in XLIFF Editor & as a Machine Task in Flow)

multiprism 56-5

Shaded cells mean the text was “locked” in the XLIFF Editor  (possibly b/c it was reviewed and approved)

For reviewers who wish to work directly in a familiar environment like MS Word; even for source documents such as MIF and InDesign.  This functionality is also ideal for those who work with resources that have no tools or do not have their own translation environment.

  • Target text is editable without any tools
  • Use the ”Translation State” column to immediately identify what needs to be done
  • Finalize the document directly in MS Word!


Tag Preservation (Available in TextBase TMs and Searches)

  • multiprism 56-6All tags including unknown are saved within the TextBase TM
  • Auto replacement of tags from any file format during pretranslation
  • Search ranking based on tag matching
  • Penalization of segments with non-equivalent tags


Superior Quality Assurance

  • Enhanced QA functionality significantly helps reduce the time it takes to validate documents
  • More automation helps identify possible errors.
  • Options include the ability to identify:
    • Manually translated segments
    • Segments from propagation memory
    • Locked segments
    • Segments with spelling mistakes
    • Segments containing a specific string


multiprism 56-7

Use a combination of filters for added flexibility 

New PM Customizable Dashboard (Available in MultiTrans Prism Flow)

Different PMs (of different languages, services, etc.) can view the requests specifically relevant to them.  Organizations with varying dashboard display needs can self-customize to see exactly what they wish.

Additional Columns available:

  • Modified source/target language
  • Project manager
  • Workflow, Workflow state
  • Documents, Requestor business unit
  • Project, Category

multiprism 56-8

New Pooling Module (Available in MultiTrans Prism Flow)

Redesigned for future additions.  Bidding available and along with a new user-friendly configurable dashboard, we’ve added automated acceptance based on price or speed.

multiprism 56-9


XLIFF Editor and Web Editor Enhancements

  • Web Editor Previews: same formats as XLIFF Editor
  • Work with XLIFF generated files and pre-populated files from other tools such as PeopleSoft
  • Open MultiTrans XLIFF files with other tools that may not support valid XLIFF extensions.
  • Side-by-side printouts of documents in the XLIFF Editor.

UNTERM Integration (Available in the Translation Agent & Term Search)

Users can consult TextBase TMs, TermBases, Termium, TermDat, IATE and UNTERM simultaneously to find the best translations from the most relevant sources.

multiprism 56-10


More Robust and Feature–Rich Web Services (SDK)

  • Significant reduction in (server-side) analysis & pretreatment time
  • Analysis now considers custom fuzzy matching bands
    • Better view and control of matching and thresholds
    • More options with better cost control, more competitive bidding
    • Ability to adapt thresholds means quoting remains compliant with existing contractual arrangements with vendors
    • Pre-treating files in XLIFF format will also have the system replace inline tags automatically saving you time and effort and reducing DTP time especially for document reviews and more complex formats such as FrameMaker and InDesign.
    • Identify all full and fuzzy internal repetitions within a document (during the analysis) and automate the workflow so it replaces these segments first before any translation begins.









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