MultiTrans Prism Blue

MultiTrans Prism Blue offers our Business/Project/Workflow Management solution, MultiTrans Prism Flow, in a scaled down configuration. Ideal for organizations that have existing translation memory and terminology tools but who need to automate their project management functions.

MultiTrans Prism Flow is a browser-based central portal for the management of projects. Customers, project managers, and service providers have their own interfaces where they can access all the information they need to efficiently manage their individual and collaborative activities. Users can be up and running very quickly; a simple, uncluttered interface greets users of all types and, depending on their role, prompts them to attend to in-progress or overdue tasks, and proactively warns them of upcoming duties. Automated email alerts keep all users notified of changes in project status, and administrators keep tabs on cumulative data through numerous informative, easily customizable reports.

Major Components:

MultiTrans Prism Flow is a comprehensive business management, project management and workflow management solution. It introduces unparalleled efficiencies that strengthen entire translation supply chains by providing full control of translation requests, production and deliveries. Automating the entire end-to-end translation management process, increases competitiveness, helps maximize efficiencies & improves translation quality & consistency. MultiTrans Prism Flow delivers superior project management automation and ensures complete transparency.

Intended users:

Language Service Providers and organizations that need to introduce Project management and workflow automation into their business platform or replace an existing one. If your organization’s translation production and business management practices are manual, discover the improvements in efficiency and productivity MultiTrans Prism Blue can bring you.

MultiTrans Prism Blue includes:

  • MultiTrans Prism Flow only
  • Entirely web based (thin client)
  • 1 PM user, 1 Admin User, 5 client accesses and 20 supplier accesses

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