Terminology Management

The importance of terminology for clear communication and for maintaining brand recognition has become self-evident across all industries. Just as corporate logos and intellectual property are nuanced and carefully managed, companies now recognize the need to manage the vocabulary, proprietary lingo and acronyms describing their company, products and services. As globalization has expanded the need to communicate this message in more than one language businesses have been faced with the increasing complexity of managing their terminology across all their languages of communication. Everyone has heard the stories of the embarrassment caused by poor translation of product names that have damaged a product’s brand. Likewise the inconsistent use of terminology within or across your communications can cause brand and product confusion.

MultiTrans Prism provides the comprehensive tools you need to create, extract, manage, share and use terminology efficiently. Whether your linguistic services are distributed internally or outsourced, MultiTrans Prism can help you eliminate inconsistencies and promote standardization of terms for better communications. The benefits of managed terminology can be leveraged across entire organizations and can apply to user manuals, marketing collateral, legal documentation, corporate and departmental information, in other words, every communication you need to be accurate and consistent.

Key Benefits of Centralizing Terminology Management:

  • Simplify the communication process by standardizing terms across product lines
  • Define terminology that is customized to a target market, tailoring your communications to your audience
  • Facilitate consistent terminology use; strengthening your corporate identity and brand
  • Help employees with a specific terminology lookup tool; your own dictionary complete with multimedia
  • Increase productivity by drastically shortening document revision time
  • Reduce errors during authoring and/or document translation
  • Provide new employees with access to corporate lingo and acronyms immediately
  • Deploy your terminology on an intranet or the Internet for employees, clients, vendors and distributors

MultiCorpora’s Terminology System

The MultiTrans Prism Terminology Management System is easy to use, fully TBX (industry standard format for terminology data exchange) compliant, and has many automated features that save you time and money. When integrated with MultiTrans Prism‘ suite of tools, it can ensure terminology consistency at the start of a translation project and check completed translations for fidelity to approved vocabulary. This eliminates the factor of human error in maintaining terminology consistency.

The MultiTrans Prism Terminology Management System is similar to a personalized dictionary for your organization. It offers you control over how you organize your terminology by letting you create customized fields. These can include multimedia fields such as illustrations and sound files to help pronunciation, text fields showing correct usage, user defined dropdown menus to define your subject and usage areas, and status fields. This comprehensive tool enables you to control the life cycle of a term from creation to approval steps and to on-going evolution. Having your terminology centralized allows everyone to stay current. Moreover, you do not need to be a terminologist or be technology proficient to use it.

How it works:

  1. Terminology entries can be created manually or by using MultiTrans Prism’ automated features. Terminology, either in the form of compound phrases or single words, is automatically extracted from groups of documents. Based on powerful statistical algorithms terms are presented based on their frequency of occurrence so you can immediately identify the most important terms to add. These can be added into your terminology database (TermBase) with a click. If you have translation memories to work with, this step can also include the translation of each term. And with our optional Translation Generator you can further automate this by allowing the system to automatically identify the most probable translation.
  2. Within each TermBase you can define the information you want to include. For example, you might want to have a definition for each term and include a picture of the item described. These fields can be created to fit your needs and can include text fields, attachments, list menus, date fields, number fields and other choices. Moreover these fields can be optional or mandatory as well as viewable by all or only by administrators. Terms can also include sample sentences from your translation memory (automatically inserted).
  3. You can share your TermBases directly with other MultiTrans Prism users or they can be exported to TBX (TermBase eXchange) file format to be shared with users of other tools, or even to text or XML files that can be opened in Excel. With MultiCorpora’s web technology you can create logins with definable rights for any user, your internal staff, your external partners, reviewers and translators and even your clients. You can even create client-specific websites tailored with their corporate logos and colors to personalize the experience. Through the web interface, depending on the level of access you have granted to the user, they can consult, edit, approve, add entries, delete entries and export and import terminology. You can even restrict who can view certain ‘classified terms’ to help protect your intellectual property.
  4. Having a centralized repository of your terminology makes ongoing maintenance and control easier. In the past, glossaries were exchanged as files which would be quickly rendered obsolete as individual users updated their copies. This centralized TermBase can then be used with confidence in analyzing documents and for the pretranslation and quality assurance steps to validate terminology consistency.


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