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MultiCorpora is an internationally established organization that is exclusively dedicated to the development and support of our flagship software product, MultiTrans Prism™, for the language industry. Our translation technology and our unique expertise allow us to deliver state-of-art solutions for organizations who manage a translation department, outsource translation services , need machine translation or a terminology management database. MultiCorpora is committed to improving efficiencies for people involved with language management. We measure our successes by the return-on-investment our customers receive by implementing our solution. Unlike other translation software companies, we pose no conflict of interest for our clients, as we do not offer translation services. With over 10 years of experience developing translation technology software, MultiCorpora is one of the few independent translation technology experts in the world that has the experience, the capacity and the competency to deliver solutions benefiting buyers and providers of translation and localization services. Few companies have invested as much to develop a complete Translation Management System (TMS) and few have developed a service offering to maintain and globally penetrate the market like MultiCorpora has. With offices in North America and Europe, MultiCorpora leverages the expertise of its impressive client base for the benefit of its worldwide user community. Numerous international governments and organizations, Fortune 500 companies, and language service providers are currently benefiting from MultiCorpora’s translation technology expertise.

Client Base

From its launch, MultiCorpora benefited from success in the government and public institutional markets. Among the early adaptors of the technology were federal departments in Canada and The Translation Bureau of Canada, one of the largest language service providers in the world, with over 700 in-house MultiTrans users. As early as 2003, UNESCO was the first UN organization that adopted MultiTrans to manage their linguistic communication needs in the six official UN languages. Since 2002, our participation in JIAMCATT has been very beneficial in helping us learn about the specific needs of the government and institutional market. Today there are over 30 UN organizations currently using the MultiTrans solutions to create, manage and share documents aligned in a multilingual / multi-directional manner in many official languages. The International Criminal Court (ICC), for example, is one such organization benefiting from MultiTrans’ multilingual capabilities to build a translation memory that includes and manages up to 55 languages. Over the last five years, following the establishment of its Brussels office, MultiCorpora has accelerated its progression among public institutions and governments in Europe. The MultiTrans system is used by the governments of Belgium, France, Germany, and Switzerland and by some European organizations such as the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Council of Europe (COE) to name a few.

MultiTrans also has a growing presence with Language Service Providers (LSPs) and business users. The LSP Intertext (Berlin) was first to implement MultiTrans back in 2004 and since then, other LSPs like Presto (Prague) and Idest (Brussels) have followed suit. Business clients ranging from Toys ‘R’ Us (retailing), Fidelity Investments (financial), Ford Motor Company (automotive), AstraZeneca (pharmaceuticals) and Simmons & Simmons (legal) have found that MultiTrans brings measurable benefits to their bottom lines.

Economic and Financial Capacity

MultiCorpora R&D Inc celebrated its tenth year anniversary in 2009. Ever since it was founded, it has enjoyed the support of public financial investors who embraced the organization’s vision and business potential. MultiCorpora has the financial means and has demonstrated its ability to control its growth while maintaining operational profitability despite the recession and has continued to invest heavily in research and development and in business development.

Technical Capacity

Technical Support

MultiCorpora successfully supports MultiTrans customers across Europe and North America with a diverse and multicultural staff representing over 15 cultures. A toll-free telephone hotline staffed by dedicated professionals from our European and North American offices provides regular business hour support to customers in all time zones.

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