MultiCorpora is expanding in Europe

Gatineau, Quebec, September 30, 2009 - MultiCorpora’s European office has moved into a larger and more suitable office space.  In addition to upgrading their surroundings, the European office has also moved over some key employees from the Gatineau head-office.  The new office space and addition of employees is reflective of MultiCorpora’s growth and success in the European market.

MultiCorpora opened their original European office in 2006 to penetrate the vast European market.  It’s European Office ensures that customers like UNESCO, The Federal Chancellery of Switzerland, and The Council of Europe continue to benefit exclusively from MultiCorpora’s Advanced Leveraging technology.  This move marks a new era for the company as the growth potential continues to increase with each new market they penetrate.

MultiCorpora’s New European Location:

MultiCorpora International Inc.
Boulevard Paepsem 11,
1070 Brussels, BE

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